Ryan U., 28 ft Coachman Travel Trailer

I store at this facility year round and consider it well worth the price. It is well lit and there is plenty of room to make my turns. With the automatic date, fence, and security cameras, it is peace of mind to know that it is secure at all times.  My trailer is out of my driveway and inside where it will be in good condition of the years to come.

Brian C., 18ft Ski Boat

Clinton Lake Boat and RV Storage offers clean and well maintained storage units that are secure yet have available access 24/7/365.  The site is well located to Lake Clinton and is ideal for boat storage: I’ve kept my boat there for several years and would recommend the units to anyone!

Andrew N., 15ft Sea Sprite

“As owner, I put my boat where my customers put theirs.  I used to store it in a farm building, but I had to move it every fall in order to fit the other equipment. And then every spring I cleaned it extensively because of all the dirt in the farm building.  Because it is in its own unit with walls to the ceiling, it stays much cleaner and is easy access at all times.  Sometimes a bottle of 409 and a dust rag on the first of May and it is ready to take out for the first time. During the winter, I even take stuff from my garage and store it around the boat”.